Fashion in harmony with nature & business?!

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Lillika Eden, New rising Star, Green Fashion
Lillika Eden, New rising Star, Green Fashion  Bild:
There are plenty of so called experts in the fashion industry always claim:" Green Fashion has only one little snag - Green Fashion is not fashy enough!" And therefore it might be not selling enough... to make big business. Future generations would definitely call this thinking: stupid, selfish, and not very reflected. Although one must admit, selfishness has always be a major problem of mankind. 

World bank bubbles and billions of selfie pictures on the internet can sing a song about it. But isn't the biggest business on earth, to protect the world, because we only have one of it and not three hundred?! Because of this, even the fashion industry needs to find a way out of their selfish thinking to bring fashion in harmony with nature. Big labels and manufacturers often complain, organic and sustainable production is far way too expensive. It's true that environmentally friendly production costs more, but not as much as the major brands always assert. 

Lilli & Kaspar, co founders
How Berlin Girls look
Lillika-Eden Jewelry, pure Gold, earthfriendly production
Fall/ Winter 2014/2015, Blouse Dress (Bild:

They just simply have to be willing to give up a few percent of their margins. This is also the truth. Luckily more and more companies decide to go this earthfriendly way: (Germany), ( Germany), ( Italy), ( Netherland), ( USA), ( Netherland), UK), ( Germany), ( Finland), ( Germany), ( Germany), ( Italy), ( Netherland) and many many more... A new awesome rising star is Lillika-Eden ( Germany). Her sucessful 'PURE' Collection ( Fall/ Winter 2014/2015 was shown in the Greenshowroom at the Berlin Mercedes Benz Fashionweek in January 2014. 'Pure' will be available online and in boutiques from August 2014. Lillika-Eden was founded by the designer Julia Muthig ( her lastname in German means courageous) and her two lovely cats: Lilli&Kaspar.

Fall/ Winter 2014/2015, ready for shopping in Berlin (Bild:

Julia Muthig received both while studying Fashion Design in Zurich, Switzerland. One day she called her mother in Frankfurt and asked her if she would believe her daughter would ever make it in this tough fashion industry? And her mother said: '' If you love fashion as you love your cats, then go for it! '' Julia looked at Lilli & Kaspar, they smiled at her, she smiled at them, and the decision was made. Fortunately for us customers. Julias love for nature and animals, which she expresses by creating ecological fashion without using materials such as fur and leather, has always be her inspiration. And the butterfly, the symbol of her label, symbolizes the combination of beauty and sustainability. For example Lillika-Eden silk threads of the butterfly's cocoon are used right after hatching.

Fall/ Winter 2014/2015, Jeans for Office (Bild:

This way, the butterfly remains alive and the characteristic of wild silk is produced from the hatching. The results are aesthetic and stylic clothes in harmony with nature. Her designs are timeless companions for more than one season, the collection includes tops, jeans, skirts, knitted dresses and accessories in strait and classic cuts. At the same time, all pieces of clothing are available from size 32-46 ''... cause beauty is not a matter of dress size'', Julia Muthig said. And the best for last: together with the industry's well known cooperation partner 'COMMON Works'  Lillika-Eden is able to deliver perfect manufactured designs in any order quantity. Lillika-Eden has proved: Fashion in harmony with nature & business... it's possible! It works! It's definitely fashy enough for fashionistas too.

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